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We are a hotel focused on client satisfaction and providing an exceptional stay, goals we are able to ensure due to our intimist accommodation in the heart of Oporto's Historic Centre.


We give you the key and that is it. From this moment on the apartment is all yours.


On Oporto's Centre, excellent accessibilities and a few minutes away from public transportations


Our apartments are spacious, fully furnished and equipped to an unparalleled experience


We offer a selection of eight apartments able to accommodate up to four people in a fully furnished and fully equipped space to provide you all the comfort of your home in our city, therefore helping you enjoy and appreciate Oporto, its beauty and its history.

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Our apartments offers all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay

Cable TV
Video Surveillance
Free Wi-Fi
24/7 Service
Near Public Transp.
Central Air Conditioning
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Linen Cabinet
Kitchen Stove

Six reasons to choose OportoView Apartments

We speak your language

Our professionals will communicate with you in your preferred language (Portuguese, English and Spanish) to ensure the best possible experience.

Privileged Location

Take advantage of all the benefits associated with our apartment's great location near Aliados Avenue.

Intimist Experience

The turnkey renting method gives our clients full control over their stay with us, allowing you to experience Oporto's city in a unique way.

Comfort and Privacy

Our apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with the essential household appliances for the everyday use.

Customer Service

If you don't know what to see or where to go just ask us. We will give you suggestions on where to go and provide you with detailed guides to enjoy our city.

Harmony with the city

Our apartments preserve the charm of Oporto's Historic Centre as well as the singular aesthetics and ambiance of this emblematic area of the city.


The capital of northern Portugal is a preferred vacation place that holds strong arguments in the vast European tourism sector (and beyond), particularly due to its rich historical and cultural inheritance. However, Oporto offers an eclectic selection of opportunities capable of satisfying a wide range of tourists, which turns the city into the favourite destination of thousands of people that are able to experience it each year. If you are close to be a part of this group of people let us tell you only a little about what you can find in the Unvanquished City.

Ponte D.Luís - Porto


Welcoming and multicultural, the northern capital of Portugal inspired and gave its name to one of the most wanted wines worldwide. Visited annually by tourists from the four corners of the world, Oporto offers unique choices in the majority of the touristic domains such as cultural tours, gastronomic routes, leisure and entertainment possibilities, especially from May to November, period of the local high season. Oporto has much to offer, nevertheless, some attractions are mandatory, namely the Historic Centre, Riparian Zone, Douro River, Port Wine Cellars, Clérigos' Tower and Aliados Avenue, among many other obligatory symbols of the city.


Inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1996, Oporto's Historic Centre is a vision of Portugal's architectonic past and collective memory. Immune to the passage of time and changes associated with society's natural movements, this vast northern has kept virtually untouched its unusual aesthetic, splendour and character, vital elements of its identity.


Perfect for a relaxing saunter, Oporto's Riparian Zone is also the ideal scenery for a picture worthy of the best postcards. The breathtaking landscape of the wine valleys contrasts beautifully with the surrounding ambience characterised by a singular fusion of tradition and informality making the city's riverside zone a very special place to be experienced in the first person.

Ribeira do Porto
Rio Douro


Major character of Oporto's city, Douro River feeds the Alto Douro Vineyard Region, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2001. Notorious especially due to its flagship product, port wine, this northern region has shaped its province's cultural, social and economic landscapes as far back as the 18th century.


Acclaimed in its own right, Port Wine Cellars are a mandatory tourist attraction for the lovers of this “nectar of the Gods” as well as of all of those interested in discovering what the Unvanquished City has to offer.


Majestic religious building with 75 metres high, 240 steps and six floors, Clérigos' Tower was once one of the tallest buildings in Europe. Concluded in 1763, this Portuguese landmark still preserves the Baroque style in the city of Oporto and, as such, deserves an in depth visit to appreciate its rare aesthetic value.


Designed to route traffic efficiently, Aliados Avenue has acquire a meaningful place in Oporto's narrative over the years. This symbol of Portugal's northern capital grew to a higher level and claimed its title as the preferred stage to celebrate special moments in the city's and country's history.

Avenida dos Aliados

OportoView's apartment is the ideal place to enjoy your stay in the city while experiencing all the things the northern capital of Portugal has to offer, including the following events:


“A modern apartment in a great location” - Maggie, UK

“Great Location, spacious apartment” - Sheila, Italy

“Apartamento bem localizado, muito confortável e contemporâneo num edifício antigo recuperado.” - Luís, Portugal

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The final decision of which apartment to rent should never be taken lightly due to its implications at all levels. Therefore, and following our commitment to provide an excellent service that puts our clients' satisfaction above all else, we highly recommend you to get in touch with us to clarify any queries you may have or to receive more information about an aspect in particular. You can reach us via email or phone. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.